Thursday, 8 March 2012

Ruth Less

Ruth Less is fighting her way to the top.  She has designs on the gang leader’s job and is determined to get it.  Fiercely ambitious she often gets into arguments with Firebelly (Jan 2012), that other ambitious and competitive gang member.  But whilst Firebelly is ambitious for the increasing success of the gang, Ruth Less’ mind is focused purely on her own success.
She sees the other gang members as her competition (although she doesn’t rate them that highly) and can’t see the point of collaboration.  She’s really not a team player and will work hard to ensure her own ideas and efforts come to the attention of the boss, at any cost.
As you can imagine this makes her pretty unpopular with the other gang members but her view is that she’s not in the gang to make friends.  Hm, friends are one thing, enemies quite another!
Of course, if the boss is watching, Ruth Less can give a good impression of being a team player although of course she’ll make sure that her light is shining the brightest.
What she seems to fail to realise is that, should she ever step into the top spot, she’ll need the loyalty and support of those very bandits she’s currently trampling on!

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