Saturday, 28 January 2012


Firebelly strongly believes that the gang could accomplish bigger and better things and doesn’t hesitate to share this opinion with the other bandits, much to the concern of Slowcoach (November 2011) and Manana Man (August 2011), as you can imagine!

Favourite topic of conversation?  The next big raid; how can they capture a more valuable haul, take over new territory, smash the enemy?
Firebelly is driven and competitive – always reaching for something more, never satisfied or comfortable with the here and now.  Life needs pushing along, drifting’s for life’s flotsam and jetsam.  And Firebelly certainly pushes – hard and aggressively!  There’s  no quarter given to the members of the gang who believe in taking smaller steps and making gradual changes.

Firebelly welcomes risk with open arms – let’s just dive in, take the plunge and deal with the consequences if and when.   No sleepless nights imagining the worst case scenarios trouble this Time Bandit.

Sometimes this approach brings rewards to the gang.  But sometimes things go horribly wrong and the bandits spend a considerable amount of time and energy picking up the pieces.  Ambition and focus are fine qualities to have but without proper planning and a risk filter they can lead to dangerous waters.

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