Monday, 26 March 2012


This little bandit likes it messy!  Their gear is stored all over the place; I say “stored” but for Mess-ieur what’s the point of putting things away if they’re going to be needed soon?  Being too tidy, well surely that’s bad for creativity; the chaotic approach suits Mess-sieur much better, never mind that they can never find anything.  The rest of the gang have lost count of the times they’ve been late because Mess-ieur can’t find something vital for the raid. 

OK, a pristine environment’s not for everyone and many people agree that having some of your favourite things around you can help your mood and be inspiring, but they’re hardly inspiring if they’re buried under a pile of papers, dirty plates, clothes – worn and unworn and files.
Even simple tasks take time; the piles have to be waded through to find what’s required.
Mess-ieur may thrive on chaos but it’s having a negative impact on relationships with the other bandits.  They never give Mess-ieur any responsibility for organising anything; the lost tickets, forgotten birthdays, missed appointments over the years have eroded any trust that might have existed in their early days. 
Come on, Mess-ieur, it’s time to get a little bit organised; tidy a few things away, create a system for recording the  important details and start to build up that trust again.  If loss of creativity is a concern, find creative ways to keep the mess at bay.

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