Friday, 5 November 2010

The Dandy

The Dandy is incredibly image conscious; it’s all about appearances for this one, needing to be seen to be busy.  On parade early in the mornings and staying late; only leaving after the Bandit Chief has gone home.
Their desk is covered in papers, their intray overflows and they walk around carrying lots of important looking files.
Work expands to fill the time available so they don’t actually get any more done than anyone else.
Of course, if they spent less time “dressing to impress” and focussed a bit more on the task in hand not only would they have more time to do the things they enjoy outside of work but they’d also impress the boss with how productive they can be.
People often complain to me that this is “just the culture here.”  And sometimes they’re right.  But cultures can evolve and change has to start somewhere.  Perhaps the Dandy should bring it up with the boss and encourage colleagues to leave on time occasionally.  Behaviours often shape company culture so even a small change in behaviour can have an impact.  Setting yourself target to leave on time one night a week, every week can work well.  When you come in the next day talking about what a great night you had last night, it becomes contagious.  People soon discover that the world doesn’t fall apart when they leave on time.

And if it does, if people are genuinely so busy that they have to stay late to get the work done, then developing some effective time management strategies will help.
My November 2010 newsletter tackles those perfectionist tendencies that often cause people to feel the need to work late, every night.  If you think it will help you then follow the link on the right and sign up.

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