Thursday, 28 October 2010

The Action Junkie

Ramp up the pressure, this one likes it busy; in fact, the busier the better. Wham - they like an action packed day – it goes by much faster that way. Go, go go! It’s all about output; how many things can they manage to cross off their to-do list (if they've even prepared one in the first place) and will they beat their own record?
This need for speed often has a negative impact on the quality of the work being produced.  The Action Junkie tends not to have an eye for detail and dives in to a task without exploring options or considering consequences. Having to re-work things is a common occurrence and so is the feeling of despair that colleagues have when they have to pick up the pieces or fill in the gaps.
Incredibly driven, they could achieve so much more, ironically by slowing down to think things through.  A slightly slower pace would enable a little more focus on the detail and the chances are that others would be inspired to match their work-rate.

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