Monday, 14 March 2011

S O Particular

Conditions often have to be right with all the pieces in place, all the research done, and the end to end process thoroughly planned before S O Particular will make a start and take any action!

Painstaking, pedantic and picky S O Particular makes slow progress with tasks, dotting every “i” and crossing every “t”.  The content of the plan for banditry may be completed but the plan isn’t ready to hand in yet; S O Particular is still busy with layout, formatting and finding a nice picture for the front cover.  Surely missing a deadline is preferable to handing in something that’s not 100% perfect or completed to an incredibly high standard?

If only this bandit could learn the phrase “good enough” and take into account the needs of fellow bandits in the gang, they might find that suddenly they have a lot more time to focus on their most important priorities and still get finished on time.

Upholding high standards is a noble quest indeed, but it does mean that S O Particular takes on far too much; who else would give the time, care and attention the task deserves?  Other people can end up feeling left out, undervalued and under-developed as very little ever gets delegated.  Admittedly, it takes time to build up trust, but if S O Particular doesn’t make a start, stress, exhaustion and burnout could be lying in wait just around the corner.

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